US: GM’s Chevrolet brand readying Colorado fuel cell model

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The US automaker has teased the upcoming Chevrolet Colorado fuel-cell vehicle that has been created through a partnership between General Motors and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center (TARDEC). We’re not expecting the model to develop into a production series car as is the case with the Toyota Mirai or the upcoming Honda Clarity Fuel Cell but instead it has been created by the team to assess the feasibility of using fuel-cell vehicles in military applications. Featuring numerous modifications and upgrades, the prototype will be taken to the “extremes of daily military use” for a full year. No further details have been released to the general audience so far but judging from the teaser picture – which depicts part of the front fascia – we’re expecting a futuristic truck with a new front end featuring slim LED headlights, a modified grille and massive fog lamps with red accents. You might wonder why the military – which is anything but eco-friendly (really, as much as they try to negate, dropping bombs kills people and the planet) – is interested in the green fuel cell vehicle development? Because it’s a running electric generator and it’s inherently quiet. The Colorado FCV itself also brings a set of useful characteristics including a massive low-rpm torque that might help the soldiers in tackling the off-road. “FCVs are very quiet vehicles, which scouts, special operators and other specialties place a premium,” comments TARDEC Director Paul Rogers. He also said that having water as a by-product might come handy in harsh environments – a desert, for example.