US: Jeep is still “climbing mountains” despite some less than very flattering ratings

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In the US, Jeep’s SUV model line-up is ranked as the second-least-reliable. But does this really matter anyway for the enthusiasts of the brand? A survey made by Consumer Reports pointed Jeep almost at the bottom of the ranks, as the second-least-reliable SUV brand in the US market, with Fiat last on this list. However, Jeep continues climbing the sales ranks with 2015 being the second consecutive year as the fastest-growing major auto line in the US. This year sales rose 23 percent through September, outpacing Subaru’s 14 percent jump. With such sales volumes brought by Jeep, one of the “least reliable” SUV brands is the main leading engine in terms cash flow, alongside Ram, for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV. It seems that Jeep’s iconic image is far more powerful than surveys and the brand enthusiasts will keep buying their models regardless. Not only Consumer Reports did highlight Jeep as being below industry average, but J.D. Power also ranked Jeep at the bottom of their survey. When the official reports for October sales will come out, the numbers may show a 10 percent ascension across car and small truck sales and will probably hit an annualized selling rate of 17,6 million vehicles. The forecasts are showing a feasible 14 percent rise for Ford, 12 percent for General Motors and 13 percent for Fiat Chrysler. If so, it would be Fiat Chrysler’s 67th consecutive monthly sales increase. Brand sales are being kept high by the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models, helped also by Cherokee and the new Renegade, which started selling across the US this year. Last week, Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler’s chief executive officer, said that his prediction made last year “is probably understated”. He said back in 2014 that “Jeep would sell 1.9 million vehicles by 2018”. Via Bloomberg