US: NHTSA recommends emergency braking systems to be standard

An automatic emergency braking system will have to be fitted on cars if the automakers want a 5-star rating for their new models. Beginning with 2018, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will take into account the automatic emergency braking system when giving its 5-star safety ratings. Therefore, the government emitted a recommendation for the car manufacturers to include this auto safety technology as a standard feature for the 2018 models. “We are adding automatic emergency braking features to the 5-Star Rating System because crash-avoidance technologies can save lives and should be widely accessible”, said US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx. The AEB system is able to automatically apply the brakes in anticipation of a forward collision. This technology includes two systems: crash imminent braking (CIB), which automatically applies the brakes when a rear-end crash is imminent and the driver isn’t reacting properly, and dynamic brake support (DBS), which supplements the driver’s braking input if the driver isn’t applying sufficient pressure to the brakes. Also, recently the trucking industry has committed to the same step, making automatic emergency braking a standard feature on all new vehicles built. Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo will work with IIHS and NHTSA in the coming months on the details of implementing their commitment, including the timeline for making this possible. “We are entering a new era of vehicle safety, focused on preventing crashes from ever occurring, rather than just protecting occupants when crashes happen”, said Anthony Foxx. “But if technologies such as automatic emergency braking are only available as options or on the most expensive models, too few will see the benefits of this new era”. Via Reuters By Sorin Petcu