US: top cars for “tailgating”

As the football season gets underway around the country, fans uphold a longstanding tradition that involves their car, a ticket to the game and a parking pass as well as arriving hours ahead of the event itself. It’s that usual drive to get your best parking spot in order to have your friends or family ready to park and party – yes we’re talking about tailgating, which is revered by many as an activity just as fun as the game itself. “The tailgating is almost as much fun as the game itself,” says a fan who once worked in the automotive industry. “But you want something like an SUV or a pickup that you can open up in back.” That’s because many know the right sort of car will make life so much easier when you have to carry all the party goodies with you.   You obviously need a tailgate and then there’s a myriad of choices and features available on the SUVs, crossovers and pickup trucks that can make tailgating easy and even more fun. And the choices go from the upcoming Bentley Bentayga – worth in excess of $250,000 – which could be crowned once on sale as the King of tailgating. That’s because the first SUV from the ultra-luxury company can also be equipped with an optional “Event Seat,” a slide-and-fold system that can also harbor a mobile catering system. Regular folks will most likely head towards the traditional Chrysler Town & Country and its optional Stow ‘n Go seating system that –at the touch of a button – can flip the third row to face outwards. The Ford Flex crossover has the same option and in addition also comes with a second-row refrigerator good for seven 12-ounce beverage cans. Numerous models also have 12-volt accessory outlets in their cargo areas and some even offer 110-volt outlets. Other models will come equipped with built in WiFi hotspots – Chevrolet for example is planning on having all of its 2016 model range feature 46 LTE technology.