US: Volkswagen’s network resorting to heavy incentives due to diesel crisis

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Numerous Volkswagen AG dealers in the United States have started offering major promotions of $6,000 or more on the new roster of 2015 and 2016 gasoline models in an aggressive effort to rekindle positive sales following the impact of the diesel emissions crisis. According to an online analysis of dealer prices, discounts can go as high as $7,850 on the 2015 Passat, reach up to $7,290 on the 2015 Jetta and up to $5,625 on the 2016 Jetta. Green vehicles such as the e-Golf comes up even better at up to $11,000, while gasoline electric hybrids such as the Jetta Hybrid variant will come with an incentive of up to $6,000. Reports are also putting a fix for the almost half a million vehicles affected by the dieselgate emissions scandal weeks away, according to sources taped by Reuters. The German automaker has also been unable to have its 2016 diesel models allowed to go on sale by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, with the carmaker adding recently it was “continuing to work with the agencies to provide a remedy” for the affected diesel owners, though it had “no announcements on timing.” The California regulators have allowed the company to come up with a solution by November 20 while the EPA has not yet issued any deadline, though it was collaborating closely with the CARB. The only diesel TDI model across VW dealer lots that has not been affected by the diesel scandal – the large Touareg crossover, powered by a V6 TDI – also comes with hefty discounts – almost $15,000 on the 2015 model year. Via Reuters