Video] Audi Q2 tested by CarWow shows its flawed side

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If you’re among the persons who don’t understand why Audi is so eager to present cars that look like Siamese twins – for example the Q2 and Q3, this review might be for you.

That’s because Audi fanboys will forever dismiss any criticism, and just like any other fanboy they are best avoided. So, we’re talking to the rest of the world – made up of normal people. And here there’s a healthy following for the four-ringed brand, so there must be something they’re doing right. For example, they recently celebrated half a million units of the A1 and TT series. So, the Q2 – since it’s the base offering in the SUV department – should also be a sales blast. Based on the MQB platform just like the A3, the Q2 can best be described as a FWD crossover – unlike its group brother Seat Ateca which is able to pass a fully-fledged SUV easier.

Anyways, CarWow’s review does point out towards some of the car’s most obvious flaws, without holding back like others. Check it up to see what is right and what is wrong with the latest Audi SUV – and we can point a fact that has been known from the start. Looks like the Q2 is going to cannibalize on the A3 sales – which is never a great thing for any automaker. Serves you right Ingolstadt manager for making these cars look so much the same.