[Video] BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is still a quirky model even on camera

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The video debut of the BMW 3 Series GT is still just as unflattering as the still photographs – we’re pretty much sure the German automaker is producing the GT models to spite core fans.

While the world’s leading luxury automaker is capable of delivering spectacular models that will please even the diehard fan – such as the M2 – more often it manages to upset everyone just to please some affluent customers from China – who like to stretch their legs in the back of premium vehicles. The 3 Series Gran Tursimo has been recently facelifted, but it still looks like it swallowed a plastic dinosaur – you know, those goofy looking ones with a hunch on the back and very long and slim giraffe-inspired necks. The model received the usual nip and tuck that was bestowed across the entire 3 Series range recently, and the company is accompanying the debut with an initial commercial.

No chance in hell this odd fellow would pass as the usual dynamic BMW, so the automaker at least doesn’t trash our minds – instead we have a semi-rugged geologist bloke that somehow managed to grab his 3 Series and is driving through the scenery – the mountains, of course – while BMW brags about the size of the trunk or the quickness of the new navigation system. At least the engine range is still good – you go for petrol options and you get up to 326 hp, while the diesel options go all the way up to 313 hp.