[Video] Bugatti Chiron spotted while offloading at Monaco dealer

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The paint is still fresh on the Bugatti Chiron, the world’s latest hypercar, which has been presented during the Geneva Motor Show last month, but spotters are on point for every apparition of the model.

The latest one comes from Monaco where the eager fans were on the scene to capture footage of the brand new Bugatti Chiron being unloaded from a transport trailer at a Monaco dealership. What we have here is actually more than one Bugatti as the black Chiron is being joined by a blue Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse up top – so the trailer had “valuable” cargo inside. These two clips we have show the new Bugatti monster being unloaded and then proceeding inside the company’s dealership in Monaco. As we can see, in real life the car’s design is even more spectacular than under the artificial light of the Swiss show, with styling elements taken from both the predecessor and the stunning Vision Gran Turismo concept. With a stunning body that still shows this is a true Bugatti and a full-width rear light, the Chiron is now longer, wider, taller, and 341 pounds (155 kilograms) heavier than the Veyron.

It’s also more imposing and that’s because of the new power credentials – the total output now stands at 1,500 hp, a good 50 percent increase compared to the regular Veyron. No more than 500 units will ever be produced at €2.4M / $2.61M each and eager buyers should already make haste as around 150 have already been spoken for.