[Video] Chris Harris gets the top off the Ferrari 488 Spider

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How do you compare and analyze a model – best way to stay as objective as possible is to know your numbers and then drive that particular model and its competitors to remain composed. But how do you apply all that science when reviewing a Ferrari? Well you need to be a worldwide renowned journalist – like Chris Harris – to pull that stunt. So with experience at hand, Harris has taken to review one of the hottest and latest available Ferraris – the all new 488 Spider. We’re not going to spoil the end result for you and hope you enjoy this video of a gorgeous model, but we did feel Chris a bit disappointed – and maybe UK proud – that McLaren took the time and engineering to a whole new level, managing to make both the 650 Coupe and Cabrio just as stiff. We’re going to let you do the judgments at the end of the video and only cover the basis – the numbers. The Ferrari 488 Spider has the Coupe’s twin-turbo 660hp 3.9-litre V8 engine that delivers a flat acceleration to 100 km/h (62 mph) of just three seconds. The McLaren 650 S is exactly on par in that respect. And both cars display a meager 4 km/h (2 mph) speed difference in terms of reaching out to their top speed. The true magic happens when you’re inside the cabin and manning the controls, with the Italian thoroughbred known for its Latino driving passion and the British competitor for its German-like seriousness in displaying figures that might otherwise blow our minds. Via Chris Harris on Cars [video1]