[Video] Citroen revamps the E-MEHARI concept with some help from Courrèges

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The latter is a fashion house and apparently the French automaker thought the little E-Mehari concept was not fashionable enough and decided to change that.

The result of the collaboration is an immaculate white conceptual version of the E-MEHARI. The iconic Mehari moniker has been rekindled by Citroen late last year when the all-electric vehicle co-developed with the Bolloré Group was presented. Now the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which is just hours away from greeting press professionals, will be featuring the Bolloré Bluesummer convertible-based E-Mehari in a white theme developed with assistance from Courrèges. The four-seater cabriolet has been given just a speck of bright orange here and there to take our eyes form the “angel” white theme and Citroen has also decided to ditch the rear hoop in favor of two side straps to increase free space and a rear flap can be opened to treat us with white leather luggage with bright orange vinyl trim.

The E-MEHARI by Courrèges also has a Plexiglas roof with frosted finish and a white leather upholstery – we also saw a single-spoke, monochromatic steering wheel, leather-lined floor with white mats, and several orange accents. The concept will be on display during the 86th edition of the Geneva Motor Show which starts Tuesday and the regular model should reach dealerships this fall after production kicks off at PSA’s plant in Rennes, France – power will be provided by an electric motor with 67-hp receiving electricity from a 30-kWh battery pack. Top speed is billed at 68 mph (110 km/h) while range from single charge should be of up to 124 miles (200 kilometers).