[Video] Dad – son love for cars transcends any health issues

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Therapy for autistic kids can embrace all sorts of forms – and we believe anything goes as long as the recipient feels better afterwards. So, seeing a blind, autistic son having fun with his dad in the family Subaru STI is one great therapy promotion.

You might say that cars have been built to take us faster from place A to B, but many people – some with IQs that are far higher than the average one said on numerous occasions it’s not the destination – but the ride there – that matters. So, while some cars can feel just as passionate as electronic appliances, there are others that can bring a smile on anyone’s face. People shouldn’t get the wrong idea – bringing a car to its limits doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll tap the emotional zone of your passenger. But having the right driver at the wheel – the dad in this case (they already share a connection) and honing the right skills of the machine makes up for the magic touch.

This is obvious in the footage below – a dad gives a piece of machine fun healing to his blind, autistic son. Words cannot describe the feelings – they’re obvious from watching the clip. And you will have no trouble understanding that even in the most heart wrenching conditions you can reach common ground with the youngster. So, parents with troubled kids – do not despair, just find that common ground!