[Video] Felipe Massa gets to play with the Jaguar C-X75 concept

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The 2010 concept has almost made it into series (albeit limited) production, but the final answer was unfortunately a financial – not a spiritual – one and the C-X75 will remain a unique prototype. But fret not because the British luxury marquee has decided to allow the use of their precious concept in the latest James Bond film titled Spectre. To celebrate the launch of the 24th James Bond spy flick, Felipe Massa had the chance to take the prototype out on the asphalt in Mexico City in time to celebrate the launch of the movie in the Americas. The 2010 old concept that looks decidedly fresh was developed in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, and was used as the car to go by the 007 foe Hinx (Dave Bautista – of wrestling fame, just like Dwayne – The Rock – Johnson). It appears that WWA stars have a sting for cars, with Bautista getting to drive (or at least his stunt double) a priceless concept, while its former co-star and rival Johnsons has been a successful part of the Fast&Furious franchise as of late. After the Mexican Grand Prix that just concluded, also featuring the two Williams Martini Racing FW37 Formula 1 cars with “007 SPECTRE” logos, the Americas premier of the movie will take place on November 2. And because Mexico City was featured in the intro scenes of the action flick Jaguar and Williams decided to celebrate their own joint work by having Felipe Massa in the driver’s seat of the C-X75 concept for a quick spin on the track.