[Video] Fernando Alonso taking care of hot laps in the Honda NSX

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The world of Formula One is a thing Honda is very proud of – so no wonder the European-specification NSX has been tamed a little by one of the titular drivers of the most important motorsport championship.

Fernando Alonso, who drives for the McLaren Honda team, was on point recently with Spanish media, which got acquainted to the latest incarnation of the supercar on Portugal’s Estoril racetrack. We know the F1 drivers already loved the Acura / Honda NSX – the regretted Ayrton Senna was a key contributor to the first generation and now Alonso took his knowledge on the track to show people how the hybrid supercar needs to be treated. During the event in Portugal, Alonso showed the way and also confessed this is not a boring ride for him. “Driving the NSX is softer and sweeter than an F1 car because you are not searching for every little fraction of an inch, as you do in races,” he commented. “It is like the difference between artistic drawing and technical drawing.”

The Acura Honda NSX comes to the party with no less than 573 horsepower thanks to its high-tech hybrid powertrain. Inside there’s a 3.5-liter biturbo V6 engine, a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox paired to no less than three electric motors for all wheel drive prowess. There’s also torque vectoring and while the Acura versions costs $156,000 in the States, the European specification is not hitting dealerships until later this autumn.