[Video] Ferrari clip pays homage to its great selling Middel East region

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The Italian automaker – which has recently become a fully fledged independent company once again – has decided to pay tribute to one of its top selling sales regions – the Middle East.

The Deserto Rosso promo footage has been produced on location in the “Empty Quarter,” a major sand desert area of around 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) long and 310 miles (500 kilometers) wide spanning over the territory of states such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen. It’s renowned for its world tallest sand dunes and its special, reddish color. The clip includes the Ferrari California T – actually a pair of roadsters – due to its “sublime elegance, sportiness, innovation and exclusivity” that makes a perfect match to “the “breathtaking beauty and sublime diversity of the desert environment.”

While cruising the lonely asphalt stretch drenched in the sea of sand, listening to the relaxing music and admiring the scenery you might feel inclined to remember the California T – with the letter standing in for turbo – has recently been bestowed with the Handling Special package. This one comes with custom setups for the suspension, a new exhaust system, and also some minor design detail modifications. The result will be heading to the main Swiss event in March for the guilty pleasure of the Geneva Motor Show participants.