[Video] Ferrari is proud of its restored 250 GT SWB [gallery]

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With a heritage as rich as Ferrari’s, it’s no wonder they have the time, passion and money to deliver such spectacular restoration jobs – just take a look at this wonderful 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione. Praise and wonder and then remember why the record breaking auction for a vehicle features the Prancing Horse logo on the bonnet – Ferrari Classiche shows history has a way of turning out with mesmerizing ideas. We’re talking here about a mint condition restoration job performed on a beautiful 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione. Such cars are the best examples for us loving the automotive industry so much – knowing that some of the products we see today in the ages to come will inspire and awe the coming generations. Back to the vehicle at hand, we can tell you the restoration work started back in March 2014 and was an extensive process as the company had to work on the engine, body, suspension, and running gear. The interior was also delivered to like-new condition and the work was done after 14 months – the hard work pays off when the shiny Pininfarina grey paint has dried out. The restoration was also done on a model with a certain pedigree: it first belonged to Formula One driver Dorino Serafini (podium for Ferrari during the 1950 Italian Grand Prix), and the car clocked very few miles before it was sold to René Richard. The latter crashed it and then passed it on to Belgian racer Lucien Bianchi who repaired it and gave it a dark blue finish with black interior. It was then transferred to another racing driver, Jacques Pollet, who made it grey and then sold it at an auction to a Belgian collector who turned it into a yellow classic. [video7]