[Video] “Great” driving skills to blame for latest LaFerrari crash in Hungary

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The “lost footage” scenario strikes back, though this time around we’re talking about real life and fortunately an accident that involved no injuries or casualties – only the dented pride of one unlucky Ferrari LaFerrari owner in Hungary. Remember the accident – the fourth officially recorded so far with the Ferrari hypercar – from a few days ago in Budapest, Hungary? We now know what happened thanks to a video depicting the sequence of events. The dashcam footage quality is arguably no Hollywood material but at least we do know now the person responsible for crashing one of the 499 Ferrari LaFerrari cars ever made – the driver itself. The Ferrari hybrid supercar was on the outside lane of the Váci street in Budapest, Hungary when the driver decided that “Captain Slow” was in the car in front of him and must have done the “Bruce Almighty” quote – all that power and no room to gallop? – so he decided to use the middle lane to pass. But once the pedal was hit to the metal the cat was out of the bag and the driver was unable to handle the hypercar’s biting power – the rest is well known: control is lost, we have some “dirty dancing” and the end result was that he crashed the front of the LaFerrari into three innocent victims – three autos parked on the side of the road. Without any idea that he was videotaped, the owner tried to hide his true identity by getting out of the car and removing the Slovakian license plates. Well, he still got Punk’d! [video1]