[Video] High-ground Jeep Wranglers shows the off-roader’s way of playing on asphalt

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High-clearance, off-road professionals such as the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G Class or the Land Rover Defender have always been keen on showing their asphalt-confined brethren how much fun can be had when a vehicle has multi-purpose usage scenarios.

Supercars usually respond by doing drifts and burnouts and quick laps around the world’s tracks. While this case in particular is no way aiming for the latter idea, this heavily modified Jeep shows asphalt credentials are also very accessible to off-roaders. An entire community of lifted Jeeps has decided to get rid of their old tires in a spectacular way – the clouds of smoke are so high they encompass the entire high-altitude gathering of vehicles.

Most of the Wranglers in the clip are of the current generation, but you could also spot some TJ Wranglers (1996 – 2006). Without throwing in too many spoilers, we can tell you should watch with the utter most attention the entire action-packed frenzy, because otherwise you might miss that Wrangler pickup truck with an independent suspension or the gal’ showing boys how to have some fun. Now we just have to wait for a new category of aftermarket contraptions to appear – how about sports cars with an “allroad” attitude – let’s say lifted suspension, to bring together the best of both worlds…