[Video] Italian Police BMW i3 Rex goes up in flames

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Rome’s Police authorities recently had a road casualty – fortunately it wasn’t a human victim, but rather one of the BMW i3 green models – in this case a range-extended electric version.

The flames engulfed the model and there’s no apparent cause just yet, though a bevy of videos and photos of the incident might deliver some clues to a Sherlock Holmes investigative-type. We can see in the taken footage how the smoke engulfs the BMW i3, with people trying to kill the blaze with a blue chemical from a fire extinguisher, though that hasn’t done much to help. The i3 continues to deliver lots of smoke, most of it coming from the rear – and then we can move to the pictures that depict the incident from another angle. The attempts to quench the thirst of the fire are depicted, though one of the stills show them failing because the BMW is completely burnt.

With the i3 being an all-electric car, BMW thought of delivering an optional range extender gasoline engine that is only recharging the batteries when drivers need to go for longer trips away from an outlet. The photos show the fuel tank flap above the front fender and the model doesn’t seem to have damage that may have caused the fire. The i3 is not really an odd choice for Police duties – the Los Angeles Police Department tested different versions of electric cars and settled for the i3, buying 100 units in the process.

Via Electrek, You Reporter Photos by Gruppo MC Veicoli Speciali