[Video] McLaren P1 LM is of course the new Goodwood hillclimb record holder for street cars

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Since the hypercar is in fact the metamorphosis of the racing-exclusive P1, no wonder it managed to bring down the record for the Goodwood hillclimb during the prestigious event.

So, here’s footage with the vehicle running on the razor edge for the entire sprint up the hill, ending up as becoming the fastest road-legal vehicle ever to sprint on the 1.16-mile (1.86-kilometer) track. The McLaren P1 LM was driven by Kenny Bräck, who managed to post a time of just 47.07 seconds, becoming also the second-quickest car during this year’s Supercar Shootout. The incredibly rare model is followed in third position by a circuit-ready Toyota Tundra at 50.44 seconds, followed by a McLaren-Chevrolet M8F Can-Am racer at 51.34 seconds in the fourth position.

It appears the monster was also a handful, and it’s just thrilling to see Bräck wrestle with the machine down the extremely narrow course. The LM is a transformation of the track-only P1 GTR into a street-legal machine. It has all the credentials though – including 986 horsepower total output from the 3.8-liter biturbo V8 and hybrid powertrain. Weight has even gone down 132 pounds (60kg) by getting rid of some of the racing parts. There are even creature perks such as air conditioning, and Lanzante has been allowed by McLaren to build five more on top of a prototype that was customized to a client’s wishes.