[Video] Nissan celebrates five years of Juke craziness’ with origami replica – in full size

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Count on one Japanese automaker to drive innovation in the SUV/crossover segment – Nissan. While their models are common enough to sometimes have them overlooked, they’re actually responsible for some of the booming segments of the global auto market. Remember when the Japanese unveiled the first generation Quashqai crossover and had no entry in the compact passenger car segment – many screamed suicide. Today SUV/crossover sales are scorching hot all around the world, especially – you’re right – in the compact segment. Then Nissan came with a crazy/goofy looking little SUV and titled it Juke – others screamed “Joke” – and the result – an equally booming sub-compact segment created by the little Nissan that dared. Now the company has decided to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the model by introducing a full-size origami replica of the funky little crossover. The idea is not very original though – not a month has passed since Lexus delivered an origami IS – and Nissan is now recycling the idea turning the Juke into a paper sculpture with the assistance of British artist Owen Gildersleeve. Original or not, the idea needed lots of work – around 200 hours – as the artist folded more than 2,000 pieces of paper to deliver the full-size Juke origami replica –and that’s without delivering a replica of the interior as well. Nissan has celebrated five years of Juke and over 700,000 sold vehicles, with the little crossover being the company’s second top selling model in Europe. It also held the title in its class for years before being dethroned by alliance sibling Renault Captur. [video1]