[Video] Nissan delivers the first ever seven-seat bobsleigh

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We’re not sure if there’s any need to have a world’s first seven-seat bobsled – though that’s intriguing enough to delve deeper into this particular competition – but here it is.

Nissan has introduced the world exclusive first ever seven-seat bobsled in Innsbruck, Austria. The model is not entirely the creation of the Japanese automaker – it had assistance from professional bobsled manufacturer Diego Menardi, and the Nissan X-Trail Bobsleigh even takes cues from the brand’s seven-seat crossover by having a related front end with the boomerang-shaped LED headlights and a rework of the V-motion grille.

The bobsleigh in its self is actually based on a regular four-person unit – we’re just going to take this for granted this time and not search even more to find out if they are correct – but it has been modified and reengineered to include up to seven people. This means we’re being treated here with a really large bobsleigh (according to bobsleighing standards, we believe), measuring 13.8 feet long – if they added another 1.4 feet they would have had it just as long as the actual X-Trail sport utility vehicle.

The Nissan X-Trail Bobsleigh took its inaugural run at the Olympic Sliding Center in Innsbruck where it was handled by British Olympic medalist Sean Olsson. The company adds the bobsled can reach 62 mph in 30 seconds and will top out at 65 mph. While that doesn’t really sound all that impressive when comparing for example an X-Trail 1.6 dCi 4×4 with 130 hp that can handle the sprint in 11 seconds and will go up to 116 mph, the bobsled does have the more impressive ability to pull up to 4.5 G’s.