[Video] Oddball “Mercedes Royale 600” seen in the metal in California

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We’ve seen our fair share of peculiar models – modified by tuners beyond recognition – or even delivered by the automaker themselves as interesting one-off studies. But this one needs to be in our top ten oddities for 2015.

We’re talking here about a coachbuilt Mercedes-Benz which looks so odd that it’s actually pretty interesting. This coachbuilt work has gone so horribly wrong that it’s actually pretty funny and highlights how one of the most exclusive niches in the automotive world can sometimes deliver insane projects. The oddball here is reportedly called the Royale 600 and it was allegedly seen in sunny California, with the original posting prize going to the Galpin Auto Sports Facebook page. This modern reinterpretation of some iconic Mercedes models touches the now and then scenario – inspiration comes most likely from the “fintail” S-Class W111 and W112 generations, as showcased by the massive grille and back end and also looks to have been the beneficial of some professional coachbuilding as it really looks well glued.

We’re not very sure of the SLS headlights and the SLR-inspired side air vents up front but we’re giving kudos to the crazy attention to details – down to the rectangular rear side window frame that is reminiscent of the original models’ designs or the chromed front and rear bumpers. The interior depiction showcases as the base model the W222 S600, but other than that we’re actually really loving the hubcap-like massive alloy wheels and the integration of the SLS taillights in the overall rear design.

Via Autoblog.nl