[Video] Old and new – Bentley Continental GT Speed joined by 1952 R-Type Continental

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The British ultra-luxury marquee has decided a nice classical touch would be in order to help it deliver an end of the year promotion for the 2016 Continental GT Speed.

Their fastest model to date has been teamed up with the 1952 R-Type Continental – the first ever Bentley to sport the Continental name. The R-Type Continental was back then labeled as the “world’s first Grand Tourer,” and came with an aluminum body and a 4.5-liter (4566cc) inline six-cylinder engine that churned out 153 hp (114 kW). And drawing another parallel with the current fastest in the lineup 2016 Continental GT Speed, the R-Type Continental used that power and its lightweight design to become the fastest four-seater in the world at the time achieving a top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h). The model was so successful that Bentley went on to have 208 units manufactured – with many of them coachbuilt by Mulliner. If 208 units doesn’t sound much you should take into consideration the R-Type Continental was very costly at the time – at 6,928 British pounds it was about fifteen times the average annual salary in UK more than three times more expensive than an average home.

Bentley also revealed why the model retains a special place in the company’s history – a “striking power line, muscular rear haunches and swooping, fast roof line” for the three basic design lines that have perspired to this day in the current iterations.