[VIDEO] Peugeot 2008 DKR16 makes its debut

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Peugeot Sport has officially unveiled the 2008 DKR16 which will be debuting in the Dakar Rally next year. The newest racer signed by Peugeot Sport is called the 2008 DKR16 and it is going to be making its debut in 2016 in the Dakar Rally. According to the French based brand, the model in question is now 200 mm longer and 200 mm wider, getting also a reduced ride height. The new racer is also bringing shortened front and rear overhands, as the company is saying, and this has improved its capabilities of tacking any type of terrain, as the downforce has been more balanced between the front and the rear. “The front and rear overhangs have been reduced, enhancing the car’s go-anywhere ability. This is vital when it comes to tackling the varied obstacles, such as sand dunes, river beds and huge rocks, that characterize the Dakar, making it one of the last true sporting adventures left on earth”, says the automaker in its press release. The new Peugeot 2008 DKR16 is 4,284 mm long, 2,200 mm wide and 1,794 mm tall. The front overhang is 631 mm and the rear overhang is 653 mm. The model is riding on a 3,000 mm wheelbase and it has a fuel tank capacity of 400 liters. The 2,993 cc V6 bi-turbo diesel engine is found under its hood, producing a total of 350 HP and 800 Nm. The maximum revs stand at 5,000 rpm and the racer can reach a top speed of 200 km/h. Power is sent to the wheels through a longitudinally mounted 6-speed manual sequential transmission.