[Video] Quirky tennis challenge sees Andy Murray pitted against the Jaguar F-Type SVR

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Jaguar Land Rover are well known for their bizarre stunts – like the Discovery Sport pulling train carts or the refreshed XF being the first to perform a tightrope cross of London’s Canary Wharf.

Now they decided the fresh ultimate coupe – Jaguar’s F-Type SVR has the matching abilities to handle star tennis player Andy Murray. The challenge – see if the athlete’s serve can hit the target on the Jaguar. Since Jaguar is no Novak Djokovic, they decided to even the balance by pitting the British athlete against its hottest models. It’s kind of bizarre after all, but this is just another chance to listen to the awesome growl of the supercharged engines in the XE and F-Type SVR.

In this unlikely automotive tennis match, Murray had to deliver a serve on a target on the vehicles’ rear, while they accelerated away from him. The star got the points if he managed to successfully shoot the target, with the driver taking them if the former missed. They even used tennis’ classic scoring rules. And following the match with the XE and F-Type SCR, Jaguar even brought their new Formula E racer. Hitting a car’s back is hard of course, and nailing a small target while the car moves has to be extreme, but Murray quickly gets the hang of it – watch the video for yourself if he ultimately wins and watch until the end to see who was the driver of the cars.