[Video] Render shows the possible appearance of upcoming PSA pickup truck

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The cat has been out of the bag for a while – officially – and we all know PSA Peugeot Citroen is also looking the join the lucrative commercial market of the pickup truck segment.

We also know the model will be based on the latest generation Toyota Hilux – which is a regular process in the auto industry, as we may remind you the upcoming Mercedes pickup is based off the Nissan Navara counterpart. With the model still in the works, there’s no way of knowing what it will actually look like, but the digital artists of the world haven’t been stopped by such trifle details. This theoretical design comes off the base of the recently introduced second generation 3008 crossover for the styling cues and as a reference pattern it uses underneath the Fiat Toro pickup. The result is an appealing combination – and we’re expecting the pickup to also hit South American markets first in about two or three years from now.

The past time the French carmaker had a similar vehicle was back in 2014, when the Peugeot Hoggar was killed off. It was quite small, with a payload capacity of 1,636 pounds (742 kilograms) and a bed that holds 40.6 cubic feet (1,151 liters) of cargo. Now it’s no wonder PSA is looking at Toyota for the architecture of the Hilux since costs are kept in check and the latter is one of the most successful pickups on the market.

Via Theophilus Chin