[Video] See the crazy automotive world as Aston unleashes the Vulcan

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There are different types of crazy – and besides delivering a clinical judgment we can also paint the black and white picture. This video falls into the latter category, as the Aston Martin Vulcan has been unleashed. The British automaker has delivered yet another video with the Vulcan track-only hypercar, which is the company’s “most intense and exhilarating creation to date.” It’s also sporting a love it or hate it styling, with the Vulcan being another British response to circuit-only monsters such as the Ferrari FXX K or fellow country mate McLaren P1 GTR. While the latter pair has opted for e very modern hybrid engine combo to have extra oomph, the Aston Martin has gone old school and treated the Vulcan to the naturally aspirated regimen. We’re not talking here about a puny arrangement either, as the V12 7.0-liter engine boasts at least 800 bhp (596 kW) and delivers sound levels that will make your heart bleed with excitement. Speaking of technical goodies, the British carmaker has not delivered the specific heft of the Vulcan, but decided to beat around the bush and comment on it having a better power-to-weight ratio than GTE race cars from FIA’s WEC. The carbon fiber monocoque and propeller shaft, magnesium torque tube and carbon ceramic Brembo racing discs made sure of that and with a plucky $2.3 million starting price, all 24 units have already been accounted for by eager customers.