[VIDEO] Spied – Jaguar F-Type SVR on the Nurburgring

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Jaguar has tested the new range-topping version of the F-Type, the SVR, on the famous German track, the Nurburgring. Russians are not only good for providing us with the daily dose of fun, car-related of course, but also at bringing some interesting spy videos to the web. The clip posted below is showing us the impressive high-performance model in action on the Nurburgring and also in some normal city driving. You may want to turn you volume up between comments because its engine really sounds marvelous. The Jaguar F-Type SVR will be range-topping version of the current sports car. The same moniker will be applied to the XE as well, which will become an M3 / C63 AMG fighter. Chances are F-Type SVR will get an upgraded version of the 5.0 liter supercharged engine under its hood, which should be producing more than 600 HP (447 kW). Power will be sent, most likely, to the rear-wheel drive only through an 8-speed Quickshift automatic transmission. Don’t expect a manual gearbox either, because this is not going to happen. Besides the more powerful engine under its hood, the upcoming Jaguar F-Type SVR is expected to get improved suspension system, a tweaked steering and better brakes, compared to the standard F-Type. Expect some modifications made to the body as well, which will not only make it more “visible” but they will also improve its aerodynamic efficiency. The official debut of the coupe is believed to be made at the 2016 Geneva, while the open-top variant will shortly follow.