[Video] Subaru has high-tech goody in store: 360-degree peer-thru technology

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You’re reasonably what in the world is this all about – the Japanese company says it has delivered the industry-first video tech that not only delivers a full 360 degrees view but also comes with a feature that allows us to see through the roof of the car. This might sound gimmicky but if it catches onwards we could see the “point-of-view” video reinvented and to showcase their new feature the guys at Subaru remembered they once ruled the World Rally Championship. So, we have here a video depicting a WRX STI rally car manned by 2015 Rally America Champions David Higgins and Craig Drew, delivering this new and rather unique POV. The technology behind the feature includes the Subaru Motorsport app that has a built-in high-definition 360º video mode, is compatible with VR headsets and can be found on every social media platform. “This evolution of our 360º video capability puts the viewer even closer to the driver’s seat. We’re excited to debut this enhanced viewing ability than can be seen on our motorsports app along with YouTube and Facebook,” comments Subaru Marketing Manager Rob Weir. The first example of the features’ possibilities depict the peer-thru 360º footage taken during the 2015 Lake Superior Performance Rally in Michigan – coincidentally won by Higgins, which so far has posted an undefeated season in the Rally America Championship. The Subaru Motorsports App is also available on the Google Play and Apple iTunes App stores.