[Video] take a better look at the Genesis G90 / EQ900

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The Genesis G90 – sold at home in South Korea as the EQ900 – is the first model to come up from the newly established premium brand owned by Hyundai, and as such it is being treated with maximum attention. Now we have yet another video of the luxury full size sedan, this time around focusing more on the interior – which is arguably the most important bit when talking about such executive sedans. The Genesis initiative will have a future or not depending on this model’s success with the wide audience and has been called to present the G90/EQ900 model as a successor to the Hyundai Equus. It’s already clear the G90 is not just a rebadged and facelifted Equus as it has undergone pretty extensive changes, including the addition of a larger wheelbase. By the way, if even the more extended legroom is not enough, Genesis is already working on delivering a flagship grade extended wheelbase version in the months to come. We’re not really thinking it would have a lasting impact on the German dominating triumvirate, since the G90 will only be offered in select markets outside South Korea (namely the United States and a few others) but we’re giving kudos to Hyundai and Genesis for delivering what is shaping up as a notable standalone product. The model should come up with three petrol engines: 3.8 GDI, new turbo 3.3 T-GDI, and V8 5.0 GDI. The video uploader even said something about a diesel entering the lineup come next year. Via TNKfreePaul(TNK프리오토) [video1]