[Video] Toyota offers a lighter and more powerful GT 86 version

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The 86 GRMN special edition will only be sold in a limited number, a version which brings some improvements over the standard model.

The GRMN 86 has been previously seen two years ago at the Tokyo Auto Salon in the form of a concept car, but now Toyota has decided to produce it in a limited number. This special edition will only be offered in 100 units and sold exclusively in Japan for nearly 54,000 dollars. The Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring (GRMN) model is a tuned version of the standard GT 86 rear-drive sports coupe. The GRMN package is instantly recognizable, thanks to its big rear wing and unique carbon-fiber hood. GRMN 86 is also 100 pounds lighter due to a Plexiglas rear window and because of using carbon-fiber for the roof panel and for the trunk lid. The interior is trimmed up with red seat belts and two-tone black and red upholstery on the Recaro bucket seats and on the steering wheel.

Some important improvements have been made by Gazoo Racing for the special edition to feel as agile as possible. A new intake and exhaust system have been added, as well as low-friction internal components, wider tires, a better braking system and the six-speed manual transmission have been modified for closer ratios. The standard 2.0-litre flat-four engine now delivers 216 HP at 7,300 rpm, 16 more than the stock model, and 160 pound-feet of torque at 5,200 rpm. As Toyota GRMN 86 was designed with the Nordschleife in mind, watch the video below to get a feeling on how this special edition tackles curves.