[Videos] Remember Fast&Furious star Sung Kang? Here’s the stunning Datsun 240Z he drives

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How does a Japanese star manage to stand out from the crowd at US-oriented events such as the SEMA in Las Vegas or the Gran Turismo Awards? Easy, he needs a transformed 1973 Datsun 240Z. Nicknamed the “Fugu Z”, this heartstopper wears a Tra-Kyoto Pandem Rocket Bunny body kit and employs traditional Kei Miura JDM-touch and style cues. Even better, under the hood sits an extremely-rare, hand-built, naturally-aspirated RB26DE engine. A collective effort of Greddy, Tra-Kyoto, and HiTech, Sung Kang’s dream ride sat in the garage for more than a decade and a half. After the purchase it was stripped to the frame and modified with reinforcements, got a race-inspired interior, a high-end suspension system, and that very uneasy to find RB26 engine. “The Fugu Z started off as an idea between a few friends and myself to stoke our passion for cars. Thanks to Kenji Sumino, the Greddy team, and other partners, not only did that idea come to fruition, the response to our Z build at the SEMA show was overwhelming. And now with our Fugu Z winning the Best in Show for the Gran Turismo Awards, I’m honored that we’ll be able to share the car with the rest of the world as a playable vehicle in the game,” recently commented the actor that is well known for his implication in the Fast and Furious franchise. And you read that passage right, not only the award winning car took home the “Best Import” feature at SEMA or was elected by Kazunori Yamauchi as the “Best in Show” at the annual Gran Turismo Awards – it will also be digitized into a future installment of the equally famous Gran Turismo video game franchise. [video6] [video7] [video8] [video9]