[Videos] These are the highlights of the 2016 Goodwood FoS hillclimb

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This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed had it all – from dramatic wheel losses to the best time posted not by a British hypercar but a tuned Subaru Impreza. And here are the video highlights.

The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed showed once more the world of automotive enjoys events that go off the beaten path. It has entertaining runs up the hillclimb. It has a huge sculpture. It has paddocks with the latest and greatest models. And even if you weren’t in the United Kingdom for the event the organizers had it all on a live stream. But that one has been terminated, so here we have a roundup with the best action pieces. You can see a stunt team play with a Jaguar F-Pace, getting the crossover on two wheels and then hanging out the door to deliver some amazing tricks. Or you can see Ben Collins – the former Top Gear Stig and now the official driver for the organizers – appearing to accidentally lose control of the hulking Ford F-150 Raptor and then playing with it sideways.

Or we can see the original gymkhana star – Ken Block – having his way with the customized Fiesta – another Ford is the bespoke Mustang used by Vaughn Gittin Jr. who actually rips his rear bumper and then uses it as a wagging tail. Or you can see a Jaguar XJR12 Group C racer losing a wheel. And then there’s the customized Subaru Impreza that posted the best time thanks to its 780 horsepower heart.