Volkswagen Killed the Eos, So Why is There a 2016 Model?

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  Back in 2014, Volkswagen of America and Volkswagen Canada announced that 2015 would be the final year of the Eos. In the U.S. that meant the Final Edition trim replaced the Sport trim between the Komfort and Executive trims. In Canada, a Wolfsburg Edition was the only trim offered — effectively a Highline at the price of a Comfortline. So, why is there now a 2016 Volkswagen Eos being offered in the U.S. for $4,000 less than before? Because even Volkswagen of America can’t ignore a screaming deal. Volkswagen extended production of the Eos from May to November of this year. As part of that, parent Volkswagen shopped the Eos around to all its regional children looking for hand raisers to take a limited run of 2016s. America said yes. Canada said no. Also, according to a source, the $4,000 price reduction is directly related to the amount of money Volkswagen of America didn’t have to pay Volkswagen AG for the hardtop convertibles. So there it is. Now you know.