Volkswagen labor reps want things changed amid emission scandal

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The workers’ representatives on the Volkswagen brand’s supervisory board are looking for more stepping up from the carmaker’s main leaders after the German automaker admitted to having cheated in the U.S. vehicle emissions tests. The information was released by the chief of the works council for Volkswagen, Bernd Osterloh, who informed the car manufacturer’s employees in a letter obtained by the German daily newspaper BildOsterloh stated in the letter that “I can assure you that we will do everything possible in the supervisory board meetings this week to ensure the matter is cleared up quickly and that personnel consequences are drawn. And that will not just affect the rank and file, I can assure you.” The management of the big carmaker became scrutinized after Volkswagen admitted to cheating in the U.S. car emissions tests and stating that 11 million of its cars produced worldwide could be affected. Volkswagen’s CEO, Martin Winterkorn, apologized on Tuesday again for the situation and the fact that the automaker cheated in terms of emission rules in the United States, confirming full cooperation with the authorities involved. Winterkorn spoke in a video statement that was posted on VW’s website saying that “I am endlessly sorry that we betrayed the trust” of millions of people. Swift and comprehensive clarification has now utmost priority. To make it very clear: manipulation at VW must never happen again.” The largest automaker in the world in terms of car sales has recently announced that the diesel emission crisis will regard 11 million cars across the Globe, which would cost the brand an estimate of $7.3 billion for taking care of overall repair costs. By Gabriela Florea