Volvo FMX Truck gets remotely controlled by 4-year-old girl in obstacles test [VIDEO]

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When you think of a 4-year-old controlling from afar a huge truck, you’d imagine a simple video that would show off Volvo’s FMX Truck. Well, the guys from Volvo had something else in mind when they released a clip with this Volvo FMX Truck going through hell and yet showing off how easy it can be driven. Little Sophie Brown, the star of the video alongside Volvo’s truck, makes the vehicle worth around $163,000 and weighing “just“ 18 tonnes go through different dangerous stunts while playing with it. The story goes like this: the truck gets hit at first by a crate full of concrete bricks. As you can see in the video, the front end of the super truck is made of 3mm steel plate, which makes it quite resistant for toying around. Then, Sophie gets the truck scraped on its entire right suspension along a concrete block for tens of meters. After a walk through some fireworks and a water course for the truck, Sophie will get distracted by a drone from behind her and manages to accidentally flip the car over. And that is yet not enough to ruin Volvo’s FMX truck. Gunnar Eliasson, Launch Manager at Volvo Trucks, said that “The test demonstrates beyond question the ability of the truck to cope with the most extreme environments. To help it do so, it has functions such as the new Automatic Traction Control, keeping it going even on severely sloping and soft surfaces. They also demonstrate its total strength with an unbeatable cabin design with sturdy front corners and a reinforced sub-frame.” If the video convinced you, you can get your own FMX with the D11K engine (11-liter diesel with 330, 370, 410, 450 hp) or the D13K one (boasting on a13-liter capacity with 420, 460, 500, 540 hp). Volvo also has a revolutionary steering system, which helps the driver manouevre the car more easily.