Volvo’s take on the ultra-luxury SUV segment is the XC90 Excellence, pricing starts at $105,895

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The Swedish automaker has gained a new lease of life in the United States after coming up with the second generation of the XC90 full size crossover, which is now the 2016 North American Truck/SUV of the Year.

And Volvo is not only looking to refresh its entire model lineup – we already saw the facelifted S40/V40 and the all new S90 and V90 models – but it’s also looking to cash in on the success of the XC90 sport utility. That’s because now Volvo is offering to those willing to spend more than 100k the ultra-luxurious XC90 Excellence starting with the 2017 model year. The pricing for the version kicks off at $105,895, including a mandatory $995 destination charge, and as such you could actually afford two base XC90 models for that kind of money. While it has grown a long way from the base pricing of $44,945, this is not only the most expensive Volvo offered to US buyers, but also the most luxurious ever created.

That’s because Volvo adds to the model what it calls “First Class” luxury – which includes identical seats both front and rear: heated, ventilated, and massaging units clad in Nappa leather trim. And as an added bonus the rear ones can also recline and in between them there’s a full-length console wrapped in leather and open pore wood. A refrigerator with bottle and glass holders also sits in the back and the cup holders are using handmade crystal glasses from Sweden’s Orrefors. The XC90 Excellence uses the top of the line powertrain, namely the T8 Twin Engine, which consists of a hybrid powertrain packing 400 horsepower.