Volvo’s upcoming LA concept is the “Time Machine” that can drive itself

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The Swedish brand under Chinese patronage is getting ready for the innovative LA Auto Show and has announced it would introduce for the worldwide audience their new “Time Machine” concept. To get things out of the way from the beginning, the name – while suggestive – is only for show, the engineers back in Goteborg did not invent a time travelling device to celebrate the 30-years anniversary of the culturally relevant Back to the Future franchise. With that problem out, the concept is a host of the latest technologies coming from the luxury brand – and also uses as a base the same SPA architecture that underpins the XC90 crossover and will be used for the coming S90 and V90 sedan and wagon flagships. “You won’t be able to go back in time and meet the legends of history, or go into the future and meet your kids,” commented Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, Volvo’s General Manager of Monitoring and Concept Center, “but when our planned concept is applied to a SPA based vehicle, it has the potential of giving significant time back to drivers.” We bet the remarks mean the concept also employs the full extent of the autonomous driving technologies the company has been working on, with the added incentive that using the Scalable Product Architecture also means all the innovations are approaching the point when they would become commercially viable. Volvo already has a major public pilot program back at home in Sweden where it undergoes trials with a fleet of around 100 autonomous-equipped XC90 SUVs until 2017. The concept is also set to feature all the latest advancements developed in the field at the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center in California, with the official world premiere set to take place on November 18 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.