VW AG loosing the sales pace in August

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The Volkswagen group reported a faster negative sales trend last month with deliveries down 5.4 percent compared to July performance of minus 3.7 percent, as the automaker contended it was impacted by the tough developments in Latin America, Russia or China. According to a recent statement by the company that encompasses twelve brands, among them top luxury players Audi and Porsche, the monthly quota for August was of 714,400 units. The decline was also owed to the worsening performance of the namesake VW brand, which makes up around 60 percent of the group sales each month and had a drop of 8.1 percent last month after sliding 6.9 percent the previous month. According to sales head Christian Klingler, the VW brand loss is accentuated because of its reliance on exactly the countries with a worsening economic situation – China, Russia or South America. VW’s core brand deliveries plunged around 31 percent in Brazil after the first eight months of the year, dropped 42 percent in Russia and were limping by 8.1 percent in China, the world’s largest auto market. Meanwhile, the entire group is well ahead of expectations in Europe – where the home continent is experiencing a long awaited rebound – and in North America, where overall sales are pacing for the best year in a decade. European group deliveries surged 3.4 percent after the first eight months of the year, to a total of 2.7 million and sales in North America soared 5.8 percent to a tally of 618,300 units, with the US figure up 2.7 percent to 405,400 autos. Via Automotive News Europe