VW brand sales fell 2.4 percent in November

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Sales of Volkswagen’s namesake brand dropped 2.4 percent to 496,100 vehicles in November, as the company is still struggling to repair its image following the emissions scandal. The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 5,335,700 million vehicles to customers from January to November this year, 4.5 percent less than in the same period last year. The sales for November totaled 496,100 cars, representing a 2.4 percent decrease over November 2014. In China, its largest single market, the brand once again grew deliveries in November significantly by 8.6 percent to 247,000 units. In the entire Asia-Pacific region, the brand delivered 2.58 million units from January to November. By contrast, in Germany, VW’s second largest market, the brand sold 52,700 cars, up 3.7 percent from a year earlier. On the other hand, the German automaker saw its deliveries plunge in two of its most important markets: by 51.4 percent in Brazil, from 48,000 to 23,500 vehicles last month and with 24.7 percent in the US (down to 23,900 units). The demand also dropped by 31.8 percent in Russia, from 11,100 a year ago to 7,600 cars last month. As for the entire Group, from January to November, Volkswagen handed over 9,095,900 million vehicles (1.7 percent down), including 833,700 units last month (with 2.2 percent less than November 2014. “The Volkswagen Group and its brands are currently experiencing challenging times,” said Matthias Muller, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen. “We are shouldering what is a very considerable challenge for the Group. At the same time, we are pleased that our customers are remaining loyal to us, especially in this situation, and continue to place their trust in us. This trust is our most important asset,” Muller continued. Once again, worldwide markets did not present an uniform picture. For example, economic conditions in Brazil and Russia also had an impact on deliveries by the Group. In contrast, the automaker was able to grow deliveries in Europe and especially China, where there was a significant increase (329,000 units last month, +5.5 percent).