VW CEO dismisses calls for EU compensations over the diesel scandal

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Volkswagen’s CEO Matthias Mueller recently said a similar compensation program for the European customers with the one in the US was out of the question, as the Dieselgate was not comparable.

Following the diesel agreement in the United States, many voices have raised the question if Volkswagen should not offer a similar treatment to the European customers as well. Even if the situation on both continents sounds comparable, it is actually not, the company’s head Matthias Mueller told to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. “In the US the emissions limits are stricter, which makes the fix more complicated. And taking part in the buyback is voluntary for customers, which is not the case in Germany, for example,” he said.

Therefore, as European regulators have been more forgiving with the region’s biggest automaker, the 8.5 million affected customers will just have to settle with a mere fix, but a recall is already behind schedule. As the US authorities has been pushing from the beginning for a buyback plan for clients there, VW also has to offer customers incentives, meaning the situation is not comparable, Mueller added.

He admitted that a similar agreement would really put the company in a very difficult financial situation. “You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that compensation at arbitrarily high levels would overwhelm Volkswagen,” he said.

After it agreed to spend 15.3 billion dollars to settle the US Dieselgate for around 475,000 2.0-litre diesel cars, the automaker is now making efforts to find a fix and to avoid compensations for 85,000 premium polluting V6 3.0-litre SUVs.

Via Reuters