VW diesel scandal – take advantage and buy a vehicle equipped with such an engine

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Do you know stock sales one on one? It’s easy: buy “low” and sell “high”. And if you want to apply that trade “secret” to car shopping then now it would be the best time to buy a car with a diesel engine under the hood. Yes, Volkswagen has been engulfed in a worldwide scandal concerning its cheating of diesel emissions testing procedures and the massive crisis threatens to ensnare any carmaker selling models with the technology. And this is the most auspicious time – whether buying new or used – to go for such a car, which delivers sensible fuel economy and has lots of oomph thanks to those endless amounts of torque. If you’re not scared you might nail some of the best deals ever if you shop around in the coming months for a diesel-equipped vehicle. First of all, you could wait out a few months for things to get sorted out and then head to a VW dealership – where the company will need to incentivize heavily the purchase of such vehicles. Or you could shop around for a diesel car from another company – if you have the cash from Audi and Porsche for example. These luxury brands won’t have their reputation tarnished as badly but they might suffer from the fact they’re subsidiaries of the VW group and Audi’s A3 has also been equipped with the rigged diesel powerplant. Not without irony, if you own a diesel-equipped car, maybe an affected 2009-2015 VW or Audi, you should hold on to it. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute’s Automotive Futures group recently announced a study that compared diesel to gasoline and almost invariably the winner on the long term was the diesel-equipped model. Via Forbes