VW diesel scandal: Bosch software cleared of wrongdoings by EPA

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According to both the US Environmental Protection Agency and one of its former officials, the well known diesel engine management program supplied by Bosch and used by a myriad of global automakers, including VW AG, has not been preprogrammed to cheat. The EPA said that instead German carmaker VW AG decided to modify the engine software to power up all the vehicle’s emission control systems when it detected it was undergoing laboratory emissions testing, usually done on the dynamometer – a rolling test bed. The software then turned off the system when the vehicle was rolling under real-world conditions. German supplier Robert Bosch GmbH – the biggest in the world – also supplies for example the same engine management system to luxury brand Mercedes-Benz, which declared its diesel models “are not fitted with software that can tell that the vehicle is on a test rig.” BMW Ag, the largest luxury carmaker on the planet, also using the Bosch provided engine software, declared its emissions control systems are always active. Last month Volkswagen Ag admitted it rigged the engine software to cheat on diesel emissions testing in the United States and later acknowledged it installed the illegal software in 11 million autos around the world. Since Bosch delivers the engine control module, called EDC17, and basic software for most four-cylinder diesel cars sold in North America, authorities investigating the cheat also wondered if other carmakers using it decided to circumvent state and federal emissions standards. Via Reuters