VW diesel scandal: company says no more vehicles have illegal software

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Volkswagen Ag, the largest European automaker, has been traversing the biggest business crisis in its 78-year history and on Thursday it initially announced it was lookign whether more cars were equipped with the emissions cheating software. Later on it also announced the EA 288 Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel engines had no cheating devices built in. The German automaker initially announced it was probing older variants of the newer EQ 288 diesel engines – without being very specific – to find out if the illegal software capable of rigging diesel emissiosn tests was also on board. It later on updated the search saying the two main variants of the engine – Euro 5 and Euro 6 – were in compliance with pollution regulations and thus limiting the potential of increasing the number of affected vehicles – already at 11 million units worldwide. The carmaker refrained from specifically naming the versions of the EA 288 under investigation or the number of possibly affected autos. More then a month after the carmaker admitted to cheating on diesel emissions tests in the US and that illegal software had been fitted for years in up to 11 million autos sold aroudn the world, Volkswagen is still getting to the bottom of the scandal that wiped off around a third of its market value and forced out its long-time chief executive Martin Winterkorn. Last month the automaker identified the up to 11 million vehicles as eing the ones equipped with an older EA 189 diesel engine. US authorities were also investigating the latest EA 288 engine in the country. Via Reuters