VW diesel scandal: company signals quick answers are a no go

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Volkswagen Ag, the world’s largest automaker by sales and Europe’s biggest has announced on Wednesday it would need more time to find answers regarding the cheating of diesel emissions tests. The automaker is hours away from having to deliver updates on its findings to US lawmakers and more than two weeks since it acknowledged it has rigged US emissions tests, VW is under tremendous pressure to hand over those responsible, to deliver a fix for the vehicles equipped with the illegal software and to say if it also cheated in Europe or elsewhere around the world. “Nobody is served by speculation or vague, preliminary progress reports,” commented Hans Dieter Poetsch, the executive that was confirmed as the new chairman. “Therefore it will take some time until we have factual and reliable results and can provide you with comprehensive information,” he added, refraining from giving any details. Yesterday the company also presented its plans to Germany’s KBA watchdog on how it intends to refit diesel vehicles and have them in compliance with emissions standards in its home country. Additionally, in written testimony prepared ahead of a US congressional hearing, the US boss announced the carmaker decided to withdraw its certification application for certain 2016 model year vehicles. Those apparently were equipped with a new software feature that was not disclosed to US and California regulators, acting as an auxiliary emissions control device, or AECD. The US Environmental Protection Agency and VW identified the models as 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbodiesel Beetles, Jettas, Golfs and Passats and 2016 Audi A3 diesels. Now the regulators are also probing the nature and purpose of the recently identified AECD as the regulatory term includes the defeat devices VW admitted it used in 2009-2015. Via Reuters