VW diesel scandal: US state attorneys and California gear up against the automaker

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More than 27 US state attorneys general announced recently they started a multi-state probe concerning Germany’s VW AG because of the false representation of diesel-powered cars to consumers. The news comes from a spokesperson for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and within the investigation the law enforcers will be subpoenaing the company. The news swiftly comes after a few days ago New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman disclosed a group was being set up to look into the carmaker’s diesel emissions testing crisis. Additionally, California itself is gearing up for a massive enforcement action against the German Group after it acknowledged it purposely rigged tailpipe emissions tests, according to the state’s top air official. Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board and a major force on behalf of environmental activities, announced it was still early and could not say whether fines would be imposed to the company. The most populous US state, known for its strict laws when it comes to emissions from transportation, is also ready to oversee a recall of autos in California which had a device installed – called a “defeat device” – allowing them to live up to laboratory test standards when checking for the emissions of the air pollutant NOx, which contributes to smog, added Nichols. “Our top priority is to make sure these cars are in compliance,” commented Stanley Young, a spokesperson for the Air Board. “That will obviously involve at some point a recall. But first VW has to demonstrate to us what they are going to do and that it will be effective,” added the official. Via Reuters