VW might cooperate with another Chinese automaker

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Another major Chinese automaker, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile, revealed that it was in talks with Volkswagen for a technological partnership.

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile is a Chinese state-owned automaker that is not currently involved in any joint ventures with foreign companies, but it is actively seeking for a partnership to receive new technologies, Chairman An Jin said in a recent interview. “We are communicating with VW in a friendly manner and with mutual respect,” he revealed. “All leading multinational peers are role models we can learn from. If there is an opportunity, we are very open and active in cooperating with them on the capital front.” Volkswagen has confirmed the negotiations, a spokesman for the German brand saying the two sides are in “friendly talks,” without giving further details on the subject. Chairman An also declined to be more specific about the nature of the talks.

Volkswagen is planning to speed up the development process and to bring more cars to China, announcing last week that it is committed to invest more than 4 billion euros (4.4 billion dollars) in the country this year, where it was outsold in 2015 by General Motors. Europe’s biggest automaker already has two local partnerships with SAIC Motor and FAW Car. Anhui Jianghuai Automobile announced a selling goal of 580,000 to 650,000 vehicles this year, compared with last year’s deliveries of 588,052 units.

Via Bloomberg