VW’s sales went down by 9.8% in the UK

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Volkswagen’s UK sales fell by almost 10 percent after the emissions scandal, as new car registrations decreased by 1.1 percent in Britain. Volkswagen’s sales in the United Kingdom went down by 9.8 percent, but other major auto “players” had also been forced to take a step back in deliveries as demand declined after a long and prosper period of growth. 177,664 new cars registrations were recorded last month in the UK, a downfall of 1.1 percent, the first drop in four years – according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The VW’s Seat brand recorded a big 32 percent hit, while Skoda was 3 percent lower. The position of other major carmakers wasn’t much better, with Ford declining 8.8 percent, Vauxhall sales falling 16.4 percent and Citroen dropping 18.5 percent. Ana Nicholls, automotive analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit, said: “Given the scale of the scandal affecting Volkswagen, the drop in its VW-branded car sales seems like a fairly modest setback, suggesting that most consumers are reserving judgment”. The SMMT said it was too early to tell the impact of Volkswagen’s emissions scandal. Some other reports suggest the storm at Volkswagen is starting to push away the customers. The carmaker’s sales in South Korea were almost cut in half in October compared to one year earlier, dropping below 1,000 vehicles for the first time in four years. Volkswagen sold 947 cars in South Korea last month, according to the Korea Automobile Imports and Distributors Association. The crash in VW delivers came as sales of imported cars in South Korea were up by 6% in October. Via The Guardian