Warning, this is probably going to piss you off and make you furious at stupid Oklahoma people. One moron backed down an exit ramp, because he was lost- and caused a chain reaction crash

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The initial crash occurred Tulsa’s Inner Dispersal Loop around 4 p.m when a man driving a white Nissan backed down a ramp because he claimed that he was lost.This maneuver triggered a chain reaction crash involving two other vehicles on the IDL.Richard Hughes, 63, a trucker since 1980, was hauling an empty tanker down the IDL and came upon the crash scene. The motorists involved were standing around their crashed vehicles. Hughes says he knew that he didn’t have time to stop to avoid hitting them, so he made a split second decision to save their livesHe hit his brakes and steered his rig up a concrete embankment, hitting an overhead sign post before coming to a stop.Hughes was pinned in his truck, broken leg, with his foot trapped against the sign post and some truck parts for two hours as firefighters worked to extract him.The driver of the white Nissan, Michael Todd Bennett, admitted that he backed up on the ramp, he was cited for improper backing on a roadway. http://cdllife.com/2016/top-trucking-news/featured/trucker-says-he-crashed-to-save-others-lives/