Watch The Honda Touring Car & MotoGP Bike Chase After Civic Type R In 360-Degrees

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Honda has come up with a great way for us to experience riding alongside motorsport stars such as Tiago Monteiro, Gabriele Tarquini and MotoGP rider Jack Miller.The Japanese manufacturer used a breakthrough filming technique which captures video in 360 degrees, though to be fair it's something we've seen plenty of times before from the likes of Porsche, Subaru, Ford and other big names in the automotive industry.That's not to say we appreciate it any less, because the action is pretty great to follow. There are some seriously cool rides captured on camera here, such as four Civic Type Rs, a Castrol Honda Civic Touring Car and a 2015 LCR Honda RC213V MotoGP bike.The action takes place at the Circuito Tazio Nuvolari in Italy and if you're curious to know who's driving the four Type Rs, it's none other than British Touring Car stars Gordon Shedden, Matt Neal and Jack Clarke who join their fellow Honda race driver, and Formula 1 veteran, Gabriele Tarquini. This leaves Monteiro behind the wheel of the Touring Car and, of course, Miller on the bike.Overall, this is a pretty cool mixture of two vs four-wheel racing, and it makes for a very unique hot-lap. It wants to showcase the technical relationship between Honda and Castrol, which dates to the 1959 Isle of Man TT race, as well as to promote the Honda Civic Type R.PHOTO GALLERYVIDEO[video8][video9]